Lenses are the real expense

If you’re getting into photography and looking for your first camera then you could be forgiven for thinking that your biggest expense will be the camera body. This is probably the case if you’re going to be buying a starter SLR, but if you’re going to be getting a more expensive camera with a separate lens then the lens will probably be the most expensive part of your purchase. This obviously depends on a number of different factors of course, including which lens and camera body you decide to buy, but it’s essential to keep this in mind.

I made the mistake when I bought my first camera of not really thinking about which type of camera lens I wanted and what type of photography I wanted to do. The camera body is important – it decides a number of things including which options are available to you – but the lens is the major factor when it comes to the quality of the picture and which type of photography you’re capable of performing to a high level. This is made more difficult by the fact that the camera lens is often very expensive, especially some of the larger or higher quality ones, so you’ll need a big budget. If you want a variety of lenses you’ll need an even bigger budget.

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Photographers: Get Lightroom

If you’re having trouble organizing all of your photos then I suggest you get some sort of organizational tool. I used to try and keep all of my photos in folders but that has a load of problems attached to it. What if you want to find a specific photo? Just because it’s in the right folder doesn’t always mean that it’s easy to find if that folder holds hundreds of photos? What if you want to find all photos with  a certain person or animal in? That just isn’t possible with folders because they lack the organizational ability that you need.

The best program for this I’ve found so far is Adobe Lightroom. Not only does it let you keep your photos in categories and tags – making it easy for example to find “all photos with both mum and dad in” if you tag it correctly – but it also has basic editing functions that you’d find in Photoshop. It’s really easy to organize your photos this way in a way that makes it straightforward to find the ones you want.

The only downside to a program like this is that you need to put some effort into keeping things up to date and tagged. The tag system is only as good as you make it, so it’s important to think about how you’re going to tag things before you start doing it. If you already have a large collection of photos then it may take a while to go through them all to start with but it’ll be worth it I assure you.

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Nikon D5100 – My New Camera?

A camera that I’ve been exited about for a little while now is the Nikon D5100 which has just been released.  Love photography but I can’t justify the cost of high or even high-mid level cameras, so when a new camera is released by a big company in between entry and mid level I always get a bit excited.

A problem that all camera companies have is trying to release new models that fit a specific niche and don’t take away sales from other models by the same brand. The D5100 fits nicely between the D3100 and D7000 so there are no problems here, although there is some confusion as to whether the D90 is still part of the official line-up or whether it’ll be gradually phased out.

The specs of the Nikon D5100 are impressive, with a 16.2 MP sensor. Although it doesn’t have the high level features of the D7000 – as you’d expect for this price tag – it still has a lot of features that make it a worthwhile phone. Some of the things you miss out on if you don’t go for the more expensive model include a built in wireless flash system and a 39 point AF system. In terms of image quality though, which is the most important thing, there is very little difference between the two cameras.

I’m definitely considering going for the Nikon D5100 as my nest camera. The ability to record videos is a major bonus for me, as it means I won’t have to carry my video camera with me as well as my dSLR.

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